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Ya Ze successfully defended his Ph.D thesis! 12/04/2021



We are a computation and theory group working on interdisciplinary topics spanning physics, chemistry and materials science. Our versatile toolkit includes many-electron GW methods, density functional theory, tight-binding approaches, and parametrized models. We have strong ties with experimental and theoretical collaborators, both local and overseas.


Ph.D. scholarships are available for motivated and interested students. Honours Year Projects are also available. Prospective candidates are welcome to contact Dr Quek at phyqsy@nus.edu.sg.




The objectives of our group are:


1) to build long-term partnerships with our experimental collaborators to guide their studies as well as identify theoretical problems of relevance to experiment (see, for example, Screening by 2D materials, Raman spectra in 2D materials, Contact Resistance in MoS2 transistors)


2) to develop methodologies that allow one to incorporate important many-electron effects into computationally more tractable models, and to test and validate common assumptions (see Level Alignment and Electron Transport in Single Molecule Junctions)


3) to play an active role in the Centre for Advanced 2D Materials by making predictions on 2D materials (see Black Phosphorus)


4) to provide a conducive environment that challenges young scientists to realize their research potential and prepare them for research careers (see Group Members, Job Openings)


Please visit Research Highlights and our Publication List for more information!