NUS-ONDL signs landmark intellectual-property pipeline licensing agreement with Cambridge Display Technology (CDT)

3 May 2011. The National University of Singapore (NUS) has signed a five-year intellectual property (IP) pipeline licensing agreement with Cambridge Display Technology (CDT), a Sumitomo Chemical Group company, to commercialise innovations in polymer organic light-emitting diode (P-OLED) displays and lighting arising from research at ONDL . This IP pipeline agreement ushers in a new phase of partnership between NUS and CDT that will create fundamental innovations in the science and technology of P-OLED displays and lightings. This will hasten the development of higher performance and more energy efficient P-OLED devices. Under the terms of this agreement, CDT will be able to access the innovation stream arising from ONDL, with options to take licenses in existing and new IPs in P-OLED displays and lighting, solar cells and thin film transistor circuits. Their commercialisation of these activities will generate a royalty stream back to NUS. The university will further benefit from the leverage on the considerable amount of expertise in CDT to address the most critical scientific challenges with the broadest impact.

For more information, see CDT news.

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