Enabling ohmic electron injection by PEDT:PSSH via bias preconditioning

18/8/2019. ONDL scientists reported in Advanced Material Interfaces this month the discovery of a new biasā€induced electrochemistry. In this report, Dr ZHAO Chao and his colleagues at ONDL demonstrate a new in-device electrochemistry that charge-dopes the interface of an organic semiconductor by simple bias preconditioning. The team showed that through electrical biasing, an appropriate material can undergo a complementary Faradaic process to generate stable ions of an opposite charge - this allows for the unprecedented ohmic electron injection from PEDT:PSSH into an organic semiconductor through a δ-doped layer induced by a positively charged PEIE monolayer. This discovery brings fresh design rules in tandem device engineering. https://doi.org/10.1002/admi.201900607


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