ONDL PhD student represents Singapore at the 1st BASF Research Forum (AsiaPacific) and PhD Prize Ceremony in PRC

17 Apr 2013. Ms Jie Song from ONDL (Department of Chemistry, National University of Singapore) was nominated to participate in the 1st BASF Research Forum (Asia Pacific) and PhD Prize Ceremony, for her work in developing graphene hybrids. This event was held 17-19 Apr 2013 at the BASF Innovation Campus in Shanghai, PRC. The Prize was set up in 2011 to further strengthen BASF relationship with universities as well as to support young talents. This year 35 PhD candidates, of whom 27 were from PRC, 2 from Taiwan, 2 from Hong Kong, 1 from Japan, 1 from South Korea and 1 from Singapore, were nominated for the forum. Jie Song presented her PhD work on the development of a graphene transfer methodology that can successfully transfer graphene monolayers to arbitrary soft surfaces. This opens up new possibilities for the integration of graphenes and other 2D materials into devices, and for the development of new applications.


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