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Professor Andrew Wee

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D.Phil. (Oxford), M.A.,B.A. Hons. (Cambridge), P.G.C.E. (London)

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ORCID: http://orcid.org/0000-0002-5828-4312


2D Semiconductor Molecular Interactions on Two-Dimensional Materials cover

Class of '62 Professor

Department of Physics

National University of Singapore

2 Science Drive 3, Singapore 117542.

Office: S12-02-03; Tel: (65) 6516-6362; FAX: (65) 6777-6126
E-Mail: phyweets@nus.edu.sg


Director, Surface Science Lab

Principal Investigator, CA2DM

Senior Faculty Member, NGS (NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences & Engineering)

Vice President, University & Global Relations (Apr 2014-Dec 2019)

Dean, Faculty of Science (Apr 2007- Mar 2014)

Provost chair (2013-2016)

Adjunct Scientist, IMRE (Institute of Materials Research and Engineering)

National Secretary, Rhodes Scholarship Singapore

Fellow & Past President, SNAS (Singapore National Academy of Science)

Fellow & Past President, IPS (Institute of Physics Singapore)

former Fellow, IoP (Institute of Physics, UK)

Academician, APAM (Asia-Pacific Academy of Materials)


Associate Editor, ACS Nano (2011-2022)

Editorial Board, Surf. Interface Anal.

Editorial Board, Surf. Rev. Lett.

Advisory Editorial Board, Applied Surface Science Advances (APSADV)

Editor, AAPPS Bulletin

Editorial Board, Materials Open

Selected Past Editorships: Applied Physics Letters-Journal of Applied Physics (2009-2011); Int. Journal of Nanoscience (2002-2010); Current Nanoscience (2006-2011); COSMOS (2005-2007, Editor-in-Chief 2007-Jun 2011); Physics Research International (2007-2010); Innovation Magazine (2002-2007)


Selected books:                                                                                                                                                           Videos:

2D Semiconductor Materials & Devices   Exploring the Nanoworld (STM/AFM) (6 April 2020)
Editors: Dongzhi Chi, Johnson Goh, Andrew Wee   School talk on Quantum Physics (2 May 2020)
Elsevier 2019, ISBN: 9780128161876    The Singapore Rhodes Scholarships (1 June 2020); 2022 webinar       

Science at the Nanoscale - An Introductory Textbook                                                                                       Ferromagnetic 2D Materials (SmartMat seminar 12 Sep 20)

by Chin Wee Shong, Sow Chorng Haur & Andrew T S Wee                                                                                   EWEG2D'21 online lecture (31 Aug 21): Is VSe2 Ferromagnetic?

Pan Stanford 2009; ISBN: 9789814241038        

Molecular Interactions on Two-Dimensional Materials

Editors: Konstantin S. Novoselov, Andrew T.S. Wee, Arramel

World Scientific, 2021; https://doi.org/10.1142/12574

The Molecule-Metal Interface
Editors: Norbert Koch, Nobuo Ueno, Andrew Thye Shen Wee
Wiley, 2013; ISBN: 978-3-527-41060-6


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