CZ1102, Scientific Problem Solving and Computation

INSTRUCTOR: Dr Wang Jian-Sheng

TUTORIAL TUTORS: Alice Heng/Wang Jian-Sheng

LECTURES: Monday/Thursday 2:00-3:00pm, at LT22.

TUTORIALS: Tutorial room is S16 06-34. First tutorial starts in week 3, 3-8 Aug 98. Each group has a particular time slot for tutorial. Tutorial and lab are run on alternating weeks. First Lab at week 4, 10-15 Augst 98. The Lab opens from 9:00am to 9:00pm.

EXAMINATION DATE: AM, 3 November 1998.

Final Exam Answers


ASSIGNMENTS: Page/Exercise numbers will be announced here and in class. You need the textbook for the actual questions.

WORKLOAD: It is recommended that you spend 8 hours per week on this module. The 8 hours include 2 hrs of lectures, 1 to 2 hrs of lab or tutorial, 4 hours of reading and homeworking.

SOFTWARE: Vi editor and GNU C compiler on Windows. If you have a PC, we recommend highly to use them.

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