CZ4275, Condensed Matter: Simulation and Computation, semester II, Jan-Apr 2004

INSTRUCTOR: Associate Prof Wang Jian-Sheng

CLASS SCHEDULE: Thursday 2:00-4:00pm at S13-05-06, tutorial to be decided, exam time: Mon, 12 Apr 04, 1:00pm, at SOC1-07-41.

TEXTBOOK: ``Computational Physics,'' J. M. Thijssen, (Cambridge, 1999), call No. QC20 Thj. Covering Chap 1 to 6.

The Old Lecture Notes (semester II of 1998/99, 0.3Mb PDF file) for the course was typeset by Yang Siyang from handwritten notes. Many thanks to his efforts.

Solution to Problem 6.2, page 141 of "Computational Physics" by J. M. Thijssen, (Mathematica notebook format) sol62.