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Postdoc positions in SZU-NUS Collaborative Innovation Center (advertised on 24 June 2014):

The “Surface Science & Nanophotonics” research group under Prof. Andrew WEE (NUS) and Prof. Wenjing ZHANG (SZU) from the Shenzhen University-National University of Singapore Collaborative Innovation Center, has openings for Post-Doctoral positions.

1. Introduction of the group:

The SZU-NUS collaborative innovation center was founded on 13 June 2014 to do world-class research in nanophotonics, integrating the research strengths of NUS and SZU. The postdocs will be co-supervised by a professor of NUS and a professor of SZU, and will do research in NUS and/or SZU labs.

The news of the collaborative center :



Principal Investigator (NUS) : Prof. Andrew T. S. WEE:

  • BA Hons (Physics) & MA: University of Cambridge, UK (1984, 1988)

PhD: University of Oxford, UK (1990)

Surface Science lab in NUS: http://www.physics.nus.edu.sg/~surface/index.htm

Graphene Research Center in NUS : http://graphene.nus.edu.sg/


Principal Investigator (SZU) : Prof. Wenjing ZHANG( 张文静 )

  • PhD: Peking University(2003-2008)
  • Research Fellow:
    Nanyang technological University, Singapore (2008-2010)
    Academia Sinica, Taiwan (2010-2013)
    National University of Singapore (2013-2014)
  • Professor: Shenzhen University (2014-present)
  • Background of research field:

a. CVD Synthesis of 2D materials; References:




Results introduced by Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Chemistry:



b. Characterization of electronic properties by Raman spectroscopy:




Results highlighted by Nature Physics: http://www.nature.com/nphys/journal/v9/n8/full/nphys2723.html

c. Optoelectronics based on 2d materials:



2. Research areas (1-2 postdoc positions for each area):

  • CVD growth of 2D materials (graphene, MoS 2, WSe 2 etc.)
  • Characterization of 2D materials by confocal Raman and photoluminescence spectroscopies, and fabrication of nano-devices.
  • Novel nanophotonic devices based on 2D materials.
  • Studying the local electronic and structural properties of 2D materials by STM/STS.

3. Conditions of candidates:

  • PhD degree in materials, physics, photonics, chemistry or related fields.
  • Good publication record in SCI journals.
  • Preference will be given to candidates with proven expertise in lab setup.

4. Salary and duration:

  • Duration: 2 years
  • Salary: 180K-240K RMB/year(40K-50K SGD/year) depending on the experience of the candidate
  • Opportunities after the postdoc program:
    • The outstanding postdoc can be recommended to a position in SZU.
    • 100k RMB start-up funding if working in Shenzhen city.
    • 800k RMB housing subsidy, if meets the condition of “back-up talent program” of Shenzhen City.
    • Candidates who have worked overseas for more than one year can apply for the “Peacock program” of Shenzhen City, and will be eligible for 800K-1000k RMB housing subsidy, and 3-5M RMB start-up funding if employed in Shenzhen University.
    • News about increasing salary of postdocs in Shenzhen city: http://gjzx.mof.gov.cn/mofhome/mof/xinwenlianbo/shenzhencaizhengxinxilianbo/201405/t20140530_1086391.html

5. Application documents:

  • CV
  • BS and PhD certificates
  • Representative published papers
  • Recommendation letter of supervisor

6. Deadline:

December 31, 2014

7. Contact:

SZU-NUS collaborative Innovation Center for optoelectronic Science & Technology

Prof. Wenjing ZHANG( 张文静 )

Email: wjzhang@szu.edu.cn (Chinese mainland) wjzhangpku@gmail.com (Oversea)