SSL Seminar Series 2005 No.4

Combined talks (two speakers)

Date: April 19 (Tuesday), 2005
Time: 4:00pm-5:00pm
Venue: Physics Resource Room (Blk S13 # 02-16)

Speaker I: Mr. Qi Dongchen
Title:Initial growth study of Ultrathin Fe films grown epitaxially on Cu(210)

During the past decades, the structural and magnetic properties of ultrathin Fe films on Cu(100) have been extensively investigated due to its wide variety of structure and magnetic phases. However, no work has been done on any high index surface of copper. We choose Cu(210) as a model for high index sufrace to study the correlation between structure and magnetism of ultrathin Fe films on Cu(210). Out initial growth study shows that the Fe films followed a layer-by-layer growth after depostion on clean Cu(210) at room temperature. LEED images taken at different thickness of Fe films showed good 1x1 spots which revealed the epitaxial growth of Fe films. No structure transition from fcc to bcc has been observed yet. Photoelectron Diffraction experiment was also perfomed on clean Cu(210) and the results were compared with Multiple Scattering Calculation of Diffraction (MSCD). Discrepancy between experimental result and theoretical calculation may be caused by O contamination.

Speaker II: Mr. Zheng Yi
Title: BEEM Study of Metal-Organic Interfaces

The formation and research focus of Metal-Organic interfaces is overviewed. Ballistic Emission Electron Microscope (BEEM) technique and its application in characterizing MO interfaces are introduced. Poly(3-hexyl-thiophene) (P3HT) thin films, prepared under different conditions, were studied by PES and transportation experiments.