SSL Seminar Series 2005 No.7

Date: 26 August (Friday), 2005
Time: 3:00pm-4:00pm
Venue: Physics Conference Room (Blk S13 # M-11)

Speaker: Dr. Liu Tao
Title: Some basic and practical aspects of X-ray Absorption Fine Structure Spectroscopy based on synchrotron radiation

X-ray absorption near-edge structure (XANES) and the relevant extended X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy were established in the early 1980’s, and have become a powerful technique for the determination of local electronic and atomic structure of matters over the recent 20 years. This technique and its various applications benefit greatly from the development of the worldwide synchrotron radiation sources : high photon flux, high brilliance and energy tunability of X-rays. In this talk I’d like to present an introduction of some basic and practical aspects of this technique: what samples can be studied, how to prepare samples, how to measure, how to do data analysis and what information we can extract from the spectra. A review of some frontier work in term of this technique will also be presented briefly.