Our group applies the principles of physics and chemistry and the methods of mathematical analysis and computer modelling to understand the structure, dynamics, and functional mechanisms of biological systems and to apply this knowledge to the design of nano-devices of technological importance.

Our research can be classified according to the following areas:

  • Self-associated structures, complexity and emergence
  • Dynamic assembly of biomolecules regulated by enzymes
  • Biopolymer physics, soft condensed matter and complex fluids

Our methodology includes:

  • Molecular and microbiology
  • Light, neutron and x-ray scattering
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance, including micro-imaging
  • Optical, fluorescence, scanning probe and electron microscopy
  • Molecular dynamics and computational biology
  • Micro and nanofluidics
  • Physical modeling

We collaborate among others with the Centre for Ion Beam Applications (CIBA).


  • We are always looking for motivated students who want to do a short or longer term research project in our laboratories. A PhD scholarship is available.

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