Honours Year Projects

Point estimators in quantum state tomography

Chai Jing Hao, AY 2013/14-II to AY 2014/15-I

Post-selected data in quantum measurements

Kelvin Horia, AY 2013/14-II to AY 2014/15-I

Semiclassical trajectory dynamics

Raditya Bomantara, AY2013/14

Estimator regions in quantum state tomography

Max Seah, AY2013/14

Density functionals for dilute gases with atom-molecule transitions

Aaron Guan, AY2013/14

How flipping spins delocalise - insights from a simple model

Benjamin Phuah, AY 2012/13

Driven near-resonant two-photon and three-photon transitions

Do Thi Xuan Hung, AY 2012/13

Ionization of an atom by a passing-by charge

Tan Wei Hou, AY 2012/13

Gradient corrections to density functionals in 2D

Len Yink Loong, AY 2010/11

Mapping 2D states on 1D operators

Yang Tzyh Haur, AY 2009/10

Klein paradox in 2D

Zhao Qifang, AY 2009/10

Capacity of quantum channels

Shang Jiangwei, AY 2009/10

Optimal Lewenstein-Sanpera decomposition for full-rank two-qubit states

Thiang Guo Chuan, AY 2008/09-II to AY 2009/10-I

Quantitative Wave-Particle Duality in Interferometers with Many Paths

Chai Wee Jie, AY 2008/09

Generalized Measurements for Composite Quantum Systems

Teo Yong Siah, AY 2008/09

Entanglement and Wave-Particle Duality in Multi-path Interferometry

Lu Xin, AY 2007/08-II to AY 2008/09-I

Density functional theory for 2D Fermion gases in a honeycomb lattice

Fang Yiyuan, AY 2007/08

Classical, semiclassical, and quantum dynamics in a honeycomb lattice

Han Rui, AY 2007/08

Case study of transport through random media

Lu Yin, AY 2007/08

Wave-particle duality in double scattering

Wang Guangquan, AY 2006/07

Entanglement in large systems

Lee Kean Loon, AY 2006/07

Quantitative wave-particle duality in higher dimensions

Chee Weihui, AY 2004/05

Numerical search for optimal POVMs

Daniel Ong Sze Wei, AY 2004/05

Single-photon ellipsometry

Goh Choon Guan (th) and Tin Kah Ming (exp), AY 2003/04

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Near-resonant three-photon transitions

Evan Laksono, AY2013/14

Quantum state estimation with small samples

Chai Jing Hao, AY 2012/13

Near-resonant two-photon transitions

Winson Tanputranam, AY 2012/13

Quantum state estimation with small samples

Benjamin Phuah, AY 2011/12

Quantum storage in a decoherence-free subspace

Niels Lörch, AY 2008/09

Numerical study of tunneling with nonrelativstic and relativistic dynamics

Zhao Qifang, AY 2008/09

Stern-Gerlach Interferometer with Realistic Magnetic Field

Yang Tzyh Haur, AY 2007/08-II to AY 2008/09-I

Relativistic Fermions in Honeycomb Potential

Han Rui, AY 2006/07-II

Numerical determination of Degree of Separability for 2-qubit States

Lim Yen Kheng, AY 2006/07-II

A look at Bell's theorem: Theory, experiment and criticism

Ong Qin-An Dominic, AY 2006/07-II

Manipulation of atoms with light

Fang Yiyuan, AY 2006/07-I

Wave-particle duality in coherent multiple scattering

Lu Yin, AY 2006/07-I

Elements of BCS theory

Han Rui, AY 2006/07-I

Man-in-the-middle attack in a ping pong protocol

Tang Wai Hoh, AY 2005/06-II

Maximum likelihood estimation of two-qubit states

Siu Zhou Bin, AY 2005/06-II

Thomas-Fermi treatment of trapped fermionic dipoles

Lee Kean Loon, AY 2005/06-I

Radon transform and its inverse in 2D tomography

Fang Yiyuan, AY 2005/06-I

Optical realization of two-qubit Fourier transforms

Tang Wai Hoh, AY 2005/06-I

The Zak transform in quantum kinematics

Lee Kean Loon, AY 2004/05-II

Quantum action principle

Ng Jia Tong, AY 2003/04-II

One-way quantum computer

Wong Ming Liang, AY 2003/04-I

Quantum computing with quantum dots

Daniel Ong Sze Wei, AY 2003/04-I

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SPS Projects

Entanglement Between Atoms Passing through a Micromaser

Lim Chin Chean, Tran Chieu Minh, Yang Tzyh Haur

The Butterfly Effect: Double Pendulum as a Chaotic System (Simulation of double pendulum motion)

Fang Yiyuan, Lu Yin, Jason Nguyen, AY 2005/06-I

Symmetry in Art, Works, and Nature

Fang Yiyuan, Lu Yin, Jason Nguyen, AY 2004/05-II

Physical realization of Grover search for N=4 data base

Fang Miaoqing, Ng Jia Tong, Zheng Min Rui, AY 2003/04-I

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