PLANCKS Preliminary Round 2023

PLANCKS 2023 Management Committee

The Physics League Across Numerous Countries for Kick-Ass Students (PLANCKS) is an international physics competition run by the International Association of Physics Students (IAPS). Teams of 3-4 students are challenged by daunting physics problems across a diverse range of topics.

On the 4th-5th March, NUS Physics Society and NTU has collaborated to host the preliminary round for the competition in Singapore. This year, the competition was held at the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences (SPMS) at NTU. Various teams from across Singapore gathered to test their wits against each other. NUS saw three teams who participated in the competition.


On Saturday, participants joined in on a guest lecture on string theory, held by our Assistant Dean, Prof. Tan Meng-Chwan. After a quick lunch, our participants departed to the competition classrooms, where they had 4 hours to solve the 10 questions given. On Sunday, the winners of the competition was announced, and we are proud to say that a team from NUS won first place! This team will be moving on to participate in the final round in Milan over the summer.

PLANCKS 2023 Winner

All in all, it was a fun experience and collaboration between our partner universities. We hope to work on future collaborations in the near future!


This article was updated on 22 March 2023