Software for Physics

The NUS Physics Society has collated a rough list of software that will be used fairly often in your course of studies here at NUS. However, note that this list is not exhaustive, and that your specialisation will require software that might not be on this list.

Some of the software on this list serve duplicate roles as other options, and so you don't need to install everything listed here.


Data Analysis

  • Python - Data Analysis, Graph Plotting, General Numerical and Symbolic Computation and more. Open Source Software
  • Mathematica - Numerical and Symbolic computation and more. Provided by NUSIT
  • MATLAB - LinearAlgebra computation and more. Provided by NUSIT
  • Excel - Data Analysis. Provided by NUSIT

Experiment and Labs

  • Excel - Data Analysis, Graph plotting and more. Provided by NUSIT
  • Python - Data Analysis, Graph plotting and more. Open Source Software
  • OriginPro - Windows only Software. Provided by NUSIT
  • R - Open Source Software 


  • Word - Simple WYSIWYG Editor. Provided by NUSIT
  • LaTeX - Typesetting Language. Recommend using the online version called Overleaf which NUS subscribes to. Local flavours are available too. Overleaf - 

Reference Management

  • EndNote - Desktop installation with word plugin to cite as you write and generates the reference list. Provided by NUSIT
  • Zotero - Free Software. Checkout NUSLIB for more info. 

General NUS Required Software

  • Pulse Secure - NUS VPN. Download the installation file and follow the guide here. Do not go to and download the configuration file. It does not work. Provided by NUSIT
  • MS Office 365 - Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Teams, and Outlook. Provided by NUSIT
  • Examplify - Exam software that locks down your computer. Checkout this Wiki for more info such as minimum device specification and installation guide.  Provided by CIT
  • Zoom - Video Conferencing. Checkout this Wiki for more info such as activating your account.  Provided by CIT


Mobile Apps

  • Zoom - For conference and lectures on the go
  • Teams - Likewise
  • uNivUS - For general NUS needs
  • Outlook - Emails
  • NUS NextBus - Bus map and timings on campus
  • Canvas - Learning management system

There are also several apps for food, module planning, etc. 



This article was updated on 20 December 2022