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The Surface Science Laboratory is one of the major research laboratories in NUS with numerous international journal publications, patents and industrial collaboration. The laboratory houses a total of four ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) surface science systems, including Omicron LT-STM (5K or 77K) with LEED and organic MBE chamber, VG-ESCA along with an array of thin film growth systems, and other characterization equipments. In addition, we operate a synchrotron beamline and end-station at the Singapore Synchrotron Light Source (SSLS).
The main thrusts of the Surface Science Laboratory are threefold:
(1) To do high impact basic surface science research especially in areas of technological significance;
(2) To serve as an excellent surface and interface characterization centre for materials and thin film research performed collaboratively with academics in NUS and worldwide;
(3) To support the needs of local industry through research collaboration, consultancy work and manpower training.
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