Using the ‘shadow-effect’ to generate electricity - NUS NEWS (May 2020)  
Mr Calvin Wong Pei Yu won a Best Student Poster Award at the IMRE Scientific Research Forum (ISRF) 2015  
Ms Sharon Chang has awarded 2nd price winner of the Poster and Lecture prize for Industrial Relevance awards at the Imperial College Postgraduate Research day 2013  
Research Highlight of the Month on ODPRT website_2013  
Dr Chen Wei - National Yound Scientist Award_2012  
Our paper published by Scientific Reports - Dec 2012  
Our paper published by Physical Review Letters - Dec 2012  
Honour for 8 yound scientists - Straits Times 23 June 2012  

Invited review Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics - D/393687/SPE/269109: Special issue of review articles celebrating the 30th anniversary of the invention of the scanning tunelling microscope

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Our paper highlighted by Noteworthy Chemistry - ACS, Mar 2011  
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Surface Science Top Cited Article 2005 - 2010  
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Book: Science at the Nanoscale: An introduction textbook  
Featured as journal frontispiece for Small V6 (2010)  
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Featured on journal cover for Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2008)  
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Our APL paper highlighted in Nature Nanotechnology (2008)  
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Featured on journal cover for Applied Physics Letters V92 (2008)  
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Featured on journal cover for Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics V9 (2007)  
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Featured on journal cover for Wiley Inter Science Journal-physica solidi (a) (2005)  
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ICMAT 2005

Nano Letters Image of The Month (2004)  
Reaction Slowdown Produces Nanowires (2004)  
S'porean's blooming science work (2004)  
Nanotechnology Art Gallery (2004)  
Fantasic Voyage-Science and Art in Nanoworld (2004)
Science cultivates 'nano-flowers' (2004)  
NUS team may have key to drive hydrogen economy (2004)