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IPS Membership

This prestigious IPS Membership is open to all trained physicists (with at least a Bachelor's Degree in Physics) and physics professionals. Interested applicants are encouraged to download the application form and submit it to the Institute of Physics Singapore, sent to the postal address of IPS (see 'About').

In addition to the Elected Fellows are Distinguished Hononary Fellows, that include former Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Tony Tan, Professor Paul Davies, Professor A. Ekert, Professor Christian Joachim, and several Nobel Laureates, namely Professor Jerome Friedman, Professor Steven Chu, Professor Yang Chen-Ning, Professor Gerardus 't Hooft, Professor Horst Stormer, Professor J.G. Bednorz, Professor Z.I. Alferov, Professor Klaus von Klitzing, Professor Anthony J. Leggett, Professor Carl Weiman, Professor Robert Laughlin, Professor Douglus Osheroff, Professor Masatoshi Koshiba, Professor Claude C. Tannoudji, and Professor Jocelyn Bell Burnell.

Upon Election by the IPS Council, the Member or Fellow will receive an IPS diploma and will be entitled to use Designatory Letters "MIPS" and "FIPS" behind their degrees in their curriculum vitae.

Benefits of membership

  • Free subscriptions to IPS publications, the Singapore Journal of Physics, a research journal, and Physics Update, a journal dealing with all aspects of physics education.
  • Participation at reduced rates in IPS-organised talks, workshops and conferences. Attendance at overseas workshops and conferences as an IPS representative.

Opportunities for members

  • Participation in specialized activities of the Optics Group, Physics Education in School Committees, and many others.
  • Assisting in the publication of IPS journals as a member of the editorial board.
  • Help organise physics competitions, such as the Singapore Physics Olympiad.


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