Chinese New Year Steamboat Dinner 2017
Neville Chen

On 23 January, the NUS Physics Society (PhySoc) organised its annual Chinese New Year celebrations for the Physics community.
Neville Chen

On 27th and 28th October, Science Club organised its annual Halloween event for the Faculty of Science (FoS). Student-led clubs and society under FoS were invited to set up booths along the walkway near the newly opened Science Student’s Hub.
Spark The Gap
Fong Cheng Hung & Jonathan Lau

On the 25th of August, 2016, NUS Physics Society (Physoc) brought back an event that has laid dormant for over 2 years: Spark The Gap (STG). The event is intended as a series of talks by NUS Physics majors, staff and even guest speakers outside of department, faculty or campus to share on Physics-related matters ranging from UROPS projects, FYPs, Student Exchange experiences or simply perspectives of a student/staff in a Physics Department.
Physics Orientation Camp 2016
Soh Yong Qi

13 - 15 July 2016 was Physics Orientation Camp 2016 (POC'16) organised by current NUS Physics Majors and Physoc committee members. If you had missed the camp and like to know more about it, click here to read the article recounting POC'16 in detail.

POC'16 had been a wonderful time for both incoming freshmen and seniors. We like to thank all participants for being awesome orientation groups, engaging zealously in all the camp activities!

POC'16 was not without its challenges. The planning committee had been diligent and meticulous in administrative, logistics, treasury, safety and many miscellaneous matters. On top of that, most members were also managing Special Term curriculum, with exams to prepare for. It was certainly a hectic period for the planning committee of POC'16.

However, the positive response of our camp participants have made all efforts worthwhile! Physoc looks forward to welcoming all Physics freshmen this coming semster :)
Science Day 2016
Soh Yong Qi

On 18 March 2016, Physoc took part in NUS Science day among other student societies. View this article for an account of the event.
Physoc Celebrates Valentine's Day
Soh Yong Qi

On 11 - 12 February 2016, Physoc participated in the Faculty of Science Valentine's event. In this event, Physoc stands out from the stereotypical image of an academic society, presenting itself as conspicuously fun and student-oriented. This article gives a recount of the Valentine's event centered on Physoc.
Chinese New Year Steamboat Dinner 2016
Soh Yong Qi

On the 2nd February 2016, Physoc held a free steamboat dinner in celebration of Chinese New Year. The event attracted more than 80 people, exceeding the turnout we anticipated from our online registration site. Its intention, like many other Physoc programmes, is to cultivate a more bonded and cohesive physics community in NUS. This article gives a brief narration of the event on that day.
Mid Autumn Festival 2015
Cheah Chung Yin

Everything went wrong at the Mid-Autumn Festival this year. People were turning up slow. The food catering truck was stuck in traffic. Even moon gazing was impossible because haze was blocking the sky. It had been a tiring evening to us as the organizing committee, but undeniably, it had also been a very meaningful one.
Entanglement and Cryptography
Lim Chin Chean

Cryptography is an important tool as it protects sensitive information from malicious individuals. However, the prospect of quantum computing poses a threat as current cryptographic schemes (e.g. RSA) could in principle be cracked in matters of seconds. In this article, we explore how quantum concepts themselves can ironically be used to devise secure quantum cryptographic schemes
Physics Survival Guide
Chang Sheh Lit and Haw Jing Yan

While Physics is undoubtedly an extremely exciting and important field of study, the fact remains that it is not an easy one. This guide aims to provide a compilation of tips and advice to help physics majors cope with and make the most out of their studies here in the NUS Physics course.