Module Mindmap

The Physics Module Mindmap was an initiative first mooted by Ng Xin Zhao in the 2008 edition of Momentum. It was designed to help Physics majors visualise the necessary pre-requisites and module progression pathways.

This current Module Mindmap has been constructed based on the module structure of NUS Physics as of the academic year of 2014/15.

  • Compulsory modules are highligted in blue
  • [OR PC####] denotes OR prerequisite, i.e. either module fulfils the prerequisite
  • [AND PC####] denotes AND prerequisite, i.e. both modules are necessary as prerequisites
  • Modules offered in semester one are red-colored
  • Modules offered in semester two are purple-colored
  • Modules offered in both semesters are green-colored
  • Modules not offered in AY2014/15 are gray-colored
  • Besides the compulsory modules, students are required to read and pass 3 level 3000 and 4 level 4000 electives. PC4199 (Honours Project in Physics) is also to be completed to graduate with honours degree. Level 4000 requirements are not necessary for students graduating without honours degree.
Modules not included in the mindmap:
  • PC2288/PC2289 - Basic UROPS in Physics I/II (project based)
  • PC3288/PC3289 - Advanced UROPS in Physics I/II (project based)
  • PC5198 - Graduate Seminar Module in Physics
  • PC5207 - Topics in Optical Physics (Prerequisite: Department Approval)
  • PC5209 - Accelerator Based Materials Characterisation (Prerequisite: Dept. Approval)
  • PC5214 - Principles of Experimental Physics
  • PC5208 - Superconductivity (Prerequisite: PC4240)
  • PC5216 - Advanced Atomic and Molecular Physics
  • QT5101 - Quantum Measurements and Statistics (Prerequisites: PC2130 or PC3130)

A downloadable version of the mindmap is available here.

Disclaimer: While we have tried our best to ensure the accuracy of the information provided in the mindmap, NUS Physics Society bears no responsibility whatsoever for any issues arising from the use of the provided mindmap. In the event of any conflicting information, the decision by the NUS Physics Department will prevail.