Quantum Thermal Transport and NEGF

We post here some of the quantum thermal transport related codes, articles, theses.

The review article here, or arxiv version, or at the publisher Eur. Phys. J. B. {62}, 381 (2008). A follow-up review is at arXiv:1303.7317.

Students theses:

ballistic-transmission.nb, Mathematica modules for various algorithms of ballistic transmission functions discussed in the review. noneq.nb, for 1D nonlinear systems, etc.

balli.tar.gz, an MPI Fortran 90 implementation of the Caroli formula for ballistic phonon transmission. qmd.tar.gz, a 1D quantum molecular dynamics code (C and Fortran 90, need fftw3).

A Mathematica code FeynmanT4.nb to generate Feynman diagrams for phonon nonequilibrium Green's functions. You can still read the code with Mathematica Player if you don't have the software to run.

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