Recent Research Highlights  
NUS News (May 2020) - Using the ‘shadow-effect’ to generate electricity (MSE & Physics team)
Unravelling High-Yield Phase-Transition Dynamics in Transition Metal Dichalcogenides on Metallic Substrates (Tang Chi Sin)
Controllable 1D line defects in monolayer VSe2 on Epitaxial MoS2 (Chua En Hui Rebekah)
Molecular Beam Epitaxy of 2D Vanadium Diselenide on Molybdenum Disulfide (Chua En Hui Rebekah)
Reversible bi-stable electronic states of CoPc molecules on two-dimensional VSe2 (Zhang Lei)
Self-assemble of polar pyrene towards 1D and 2D ferroelectric array (Wang Dingguan)
Contamination-free Ferromagnet/Two-dimensional Transition-metal Dichalcogenide Interface with Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy (Zhang Wen)
Evidence of spin frustration in molecular-beam epitaxial monolayer VSe2 on graphite (Wong Ping Kwan Johnny)
Selective self-assembly of 2,3-diaminophenazine (DAP) molecules on MoSe2 mirror twin boundaries (He Xiaoyue)
Observation of the annealing-induced phase-transition in monolayer-MoS2 on Gold film (Yin Xinmao)
Modulation of Manganite nano-film properties mediated by strong influence of Strontium Titanate excitons (Tang Chi Sin)
Molecular orientation and weak-charge transfer dynamics of PTCDI-C4 molecules on MoS2 interfaces (Arramel)
Fabry-Perot Cavity-Enhanced Optical Absorption in Ultrasensitive Tunable Photodiodes Based on Hybrid 2D Materials (Wang Qixing)
Energy level alignment at C60F48/WSe2/Graphite interface (Song Zhibo)
Point Defects in CVD-grown Monolayer WSe2 studied by STM/STS and DFT Modeling (Zheng Yujie)
Photoluminescence Properties of MoS2 on h-BN/Au Heterostructure (Wang Qixing)
Molecular Alignment and Electronic Structure of N,N'-Dibutyl-3,4,9,10-perylene-tetracarboxylic-diimide Molecules on MoS2 Surfaces (Arramel)
Giant photoluminescence enhancement in Tungsten-Diselenide-Gold plasmonic hybrid structures (Wang Zhuo)
A Study of the Metal/2D Semiconductor Contacts (Calvin Wong Pei Yu)
2D TMD Materials with Tunable Electronic Bandgaps (Huang Yuli)
A graphene-carbon nanotube hybrid for high performance proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC) (Pham kien Cuong)
Enhanced Photoluminescence of MoS2 by Gold Plasmon (Wang Zhuo)
Controllable unzipping for intra-molecular junctions of graphene nanoribbons and singe-walled carbon nanotubes (Wei Dacheng)
Energy Level Realignment in Weakly Interacting Donor-Acceptor
Binary Molecular Networks
(Zhong Jianqiang)
Incorporating Isolated Molybdenum (Mo) Atoms into Bilayer Epitaxial Graphene on 4H-SiC(0001) (Huang Han)
Edge Reconstruction and Edge States in Ultrathin Sb(110) (Xu Wentao)
Work Function Modification of Graphene Electrode for Organic Solar Cells (Sharon Chang has awarded 2nd Prize winner of )
A Possible Approach Towards Silicene on Nonmetallic Substrates (Yao Guanggeng)
Thickness-Dependent Topological Surface States on Sb (111) Thin Films (Yao Guanggeng)
Plasmonic enhancement of photocurrent in MoS2 field-effect-transistor (Lin Jiadan)
Reversible switching of single dipole molecule imbedded in two dimensional hydrogen-bonded binary molecular networks (Zhang Jia Lin)
Ionization potential dependent air exposure effect on the MoO3/organic interface energy level alignment (Zhong Jian Qiang)
Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Study on Degradation of Bulk-heterojunction Solar Cell (Wang Rui)
Surface Strain Mediated Dipole Alignment of ClAlPc on Au(111)/mica (Niu Tianchao)
Atomic Scale Investigation of CVD Graphene Growth Mechanism on Cu(111) (Niu Tianchao)
Self-assembly of Dipole-Phthalocyanines on Surfaces:
Construction of Dipole Dot Arrays and Substrates Effect on Ordering
(Niu Tianchao)
High-Gain Ultraviolet Photodetectors Based on Oxygen Plasma Treated Epitaxial Graphene (Ram Sevak Singh)
Photoresponse in epitaxial graphene with asymmetric metal contacts (Ram Sevak Singh)
Semi Intercalated Graphene Ribbon Array on SiC By Fluorine Intercalation (Wong Swee Liang)
Quasi-freestanding epitaxial graphene on SiC(0001) via fluorine intercalation from a molecular source (Wong Swee Liang)
Molecular orientation, electronic structures and charge transfer dynamics of PTCDA molecules on TiO2(110) (Cao Liang)
STM/STS investigations of topological surface states on Sb thin films (Yao Guanggeng)
New experimental capabilities offered by the soft X-ray beamline at Singapore Synchrotron Light Source (Qi Dongchen)
Room temperature ferromagnetism of Cu-doped ZnO films probed by soft X-ray magnetic circular dichroism (Qi Dongchen)
Tuning the electron injection barrier between Co and C60 using Alq3 buffer layer (Wang Yuzhan)
Graphene as structural template to control interfacial molecular orientation (Mao Hongying)

Investigation of interface properties of DIP/F16CuPc heterojunctions: Interface morphology, molecular orientation, energy level alignment (Zhong Jianqiang)

Laser Patterning of Epitaxial Graphene for Schottky Junction Photodetectors (Ram Sevak Singh)
Room temperature ferromagnetism in partially hydrogenated epitaxial graphene (Xie Lanfei)
Anomalous dirac charge dynamics in multilayer graphene at high energies optical transition (Iman Santoso)
Interfacial electronic structures at Fe/pentacene/Fe interfaces (Wang Yuzhan)
Molecular dipole dot arrays on graphite (Niu Tianchao)
Effect of fluorination on the molecular packing of perfluoropentacene and pentacene ultrathin films on Ag(111) (Wong Swee Liang)
Growth of dipolar molecule CIAIPc on solid state surfaces (Huang Yuli)
Linearly doped graphene by charge transfer complex (Sun Jiatao)
Selective Self-Assembly of Semi-metal Straight and Branched Nanorods on Inert Substrates (Chu Xinjun)
Self-assembly of Bi nanostructure on HOPG, MoS2 and silicon nitride (Chu Xinjun)
Ti & Ni in Diamond Like Carbon as Growth Substrates for Carbon Nanotubes (Angel Koh Ting Ting)
A study on the heterostructures of CuPc on C60/Ag(111) by LT-STM (Huang Han)
XPS and TEM analysis of Multi-elemental Nano-composites in Diamond-like amorphous carbon films (Angel Koh)
Tunable 2D Binary Networks on Graphite (Huang Yuli)
Advanced Defect Engineering in Pre-amorphized Si Substrate with Laser Pre-Irradiation Optimization (Dexter Tan Xueming)
Copper Phthalocyanine Molecular Arrays on SiC Nanomesh (Chen Shi)
C 60 Molecular Chains on a -sexithiophene Nanostripes (Zhong Hongliang)
Self-assembly of Bi nanostructure on HOPG, MoS 2 and silicon nitride (Chu Xinjun)
Advanced Ultra-Shallow Junctions (USJ) Formation via Co-implantation for Nano- CMOS Devices (Allen Yeong Sai Hooi)
Surface Transfer Doping of Diamond (100) by Organic Molecules (Qi Dongchen)
Probing formation of graphene on silicon carbide surface by metal decoration (Poon Siew Wai)
Shielding Copper Atoms by Distortion of Phthalocyanine Ring on Si(111) (Wang Li)
Surface nitridation of GaAs(001)-(nx6) by reactive atomic nitrogen radical (Xu Hai)
Atomic and electronic structure of Co induced identical clusters grown on Si(111)-(7x7) template (Md Abdul Karder Zilani)
Carbon Nanomesh: Atomic Structure and Applications (Chen Wei)
Enhanced Dopant Activation in Strained-Si/Si(1-x)Ge(x) Substrate using Non-melt Laser Annealing (Clark Ong Kuang Kian)
Interface Structure of Semiconducting Polymer Films (Dipankar Mandal)
Negative Electron Affinity of Diamond(100) surface induced by Diels-Alder Reaction (Qi Dongchen)
Surface XAFS using a Total-Electron-Yield Detector (Liutao)
Narrow Surface Transient and High Depth Resolution SIMS using 250eV O2+ (Ab Razak Chambasha)
Self-organized Nanodot Formation on InP(100) by Argon Ion Sputtering (Tan Sian Khong)
Monitoring Delocalization of Molecular Orbitals at 4-Flouro-Benzenethoil Monolayer/Au(111) (Wang Li)
Surface Science Studies at the SINS Beamline (Gao Xingyu)
Pentacene Thin Film Growth on Gold and Silver: Substrate Effect on Molecule Orientation and Film Structure (Zheng Yi)
Self-assembled Shape-controlled growth of crystalline Sb on Graphite (Sunil Singh Kushvaha)
Solid-State Hydrogen Storage Systems (Chen Ping)
Amide/ Hydrides system for Hydrogen Storage (Chen Ping group)
Effects of Ball-milling Conditions on Dehydrogenation of Mg(NH2)2-MgH2 (Hu Jianjiang)
Structure and Hydrogen storage properties of the Mg-N-H system (Chen Ping group)
LiNH2/LiAlH4 system for hydrogen storage (Chen Ping group)
Chemical reaction of Amides and Hydrides - A methodology for synthesis of hydrogen storage materials (Xiong Zhitao)
Different Functional Nanostructures Self-Assembled Selectively on Inert Substrate (Wang Xuesen)