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2005 Award Winners

2005 IPS Medallists

1) The IPS President’s Award by the IPS Council

Professor Bernard Tan Tiong Gie was awarded The President's Medal for outstanding contribution to Physics research & education in Singapore.


2) IPS Premier Award (Physics Research)

Assoc. Professor Mark Breese was awarded The World Scientific Medal and Prize for outstanding contribution to Ion Channelling Microscopy Research done in Singapore.


3) IPS Nanotechnology Award (Nanotechnology Physics Research)

Assist. Professor Peter Ho Koon Hoon was awarded The Omicron Nanotechnology Physics Medal and Prize for outstanding Nano-Physics research done in Singapore.


4) IPS Physics Education Awards

The Outstanding Physics Teacher (Junior Colleges)
The Crescendas Medal and Prize (No Recipient)

Ms. Ning Hwee Tiang was awarded The Outstanding Physics Teacher (Secondary Schools) Crescendas Medal and Prize for her contribution to physics education. Ms. Ning is at extreme right with Professor Jocelyn Bell, her RGS students, Ms. Sun Yi and Ms. Hannah. Professor Bell is the discoverer of pulsars.


5) IPS Public Awareness of Physics Award

Mr. Au Mun Chew awarded The Cadi Scientific Medal and Prize for outstanding contribution in generating Singaporean public awareness of Physics through the medium of Amateur Astronomy.


Paul Davies

6) IPS Honorary Fellowship Awards

Professor Paul Davies, Templeton Prize Winner.

Macquarie University, NSW, Australia.



Professor Robert B. Laughlin, Nobel Laureate.

Stanford University , USA



Professor Carl Weiman, Nobel Laureate.

University of Colorado, Boulder, USA.


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