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2006 Award Winners

2006 IPS Medallists

1) The IPS President’s Award by the IPS Council

Professor Phua Kok Khoo, the founding Director of the Institute of Advanced Studies, NTU, is awarded The IPS President's Medal for outstanding contributions to physics research & education in Singapore. He has also put Singapore on the world map of Scientific Publishing through establishing the international company, World Scientific Co. Ptd. Ltd.

2) IPS Premier Award (Physics Research)

Assoc. Professor Kwek Leong Chuan of NIE is awarded The World Scientific Medal and Prize for outstanding research in Quantum Information and Computing, and the prime mover in setting up the 1 st Quantum Information lab. in NUS Physics Department.

3) IPS Nanotechnology Award (Nanotechnology Physics Research)

Assist. Professor Sow Chorng Haur is awarded The Omicron Medal and Prize for excellent research in Nanotechnology, in particular Hybrid Carbon Nanotube material that allows ultrafast nonlinear optical switching done in the NUS Physics Department.

4) IPS Physics Education Awards

The Outstanding Physics Teacher, J. College
Ms. Quek Hoon Khim is this year’s Crescendas Medal and Prize recipient for outstanding Junior College “A” level physics teaching at Hwa Chong Institution. Numerous physics students of hers have went on to secure places in top universities world wide.

The Outstanding Physics Teacher, Sec. School
Mr. Loh Boon Haur is awarded the Crescendas Medal and Prize for his excellent contribution to physics teaching and astronomy education to Bukit Panjang Govt. High School. This high school is now well known for producing many batches of young budding astronomers.

5) IPS Public Awareness of Physics Award

Assoc. Professorial Fellow Chia Teck Chee is awarded The Cadi Scientific Medal and Prize for being an outstanding science educator by providing inspiration to numerous batches of physics trainee teachers at the National Institute of Education, NIE. Many of his students have gone on to inspire numerous physics students in schools, junior colleges, polytechnics and the public.

6) IPS Distinguished Honorary Fellowship Awards

The Nobel Prize in Physics 1996
for their discovery of superfluidity in helium-3

Professor Douglas Osheroff

Department of Physics, Stanford University, USA
Joint winner of 1996 Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery of superfluidity in helium-3.
Douglas D. Osheroff - born 1945 in Aberdeen, WA, USA.

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2002
for his work on astrophysics

Professor Masatoshi Koshiba

Emeritus Professor of University of Tokyo
Joint winner of 2002 Nobel Prize in Physics for pioneering contributions to astrophysics, particularly for the detection of cosmic neutrinos.


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