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Annual Best Undergraduate Physics Medal

The Annual IPS Medal for the Best Physics Undergraduate

2007/2008 - Mr. Wang Xuan Cong (NUS) & Ms. Sri Yanti b. Zainal Abidin (NIE)

2006/2007 - Mr Kwong Chang Chi (NUS) & Ms. Renee Y. Sulaiman (NIE)

2005/2006 - Mr Yang Junhua (NUS) & Ms. Lim Shiew Fong Lucia (NIE)

2004/2005 - Mr. Ong Sze Wei, Daniel (NUS) & Ms. Chua Hui Li (NIE)

2003/2004 - Mr Tan Hai Siong (NUS) & Mr Mirpuri Chandru Gobindram (NIE)

2002/2003 - Mr Lei Qiang (NUS) & Ms. Tan Li Ching (NIE)

2001/2002 - Mr Tan Sian Khong (NUS)

2000/2001 - Mr Tey Meng Khoon (NUS)

1999/2000 - Ms Khoo Khoong Hong (NUS)



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Annual Best Undergraduate Physics Medal

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