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2012 Award Winners

The IPS Prize and Medal Awards are generously sponsored by: World Scientific Pte. Ltd., Research Instruments Singapore, Crescendas Group and Cadi Scientific Pte. Ltd.

2012 IPS Medallists

1) The IPS President's Medal

Prof. Artur Konrad Ekert (CQT, NUS)

For outstanding pioneering spirit, leadership in Quantum research and administration of the Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT) in Singapore.

2) The World Scientific (Physics Research) Medal and Prize

Prof. Christian Kurtsiefer (CQT, NUS)

For outstanding leadership and creativity in experimental quantum information research done in Singapore.

3) The Omicron Nanotechnology Medal and Prize (Nanotechnology Physics Research)

Prof. Zhang Qing

For outstanding contributions to nanotechnology research in Singapore

4) The Crescendas Physics Medal and Prize (Secondary School / Junior College)

Mr. Sng Peng Poo (Anderson Junior College)

For outstanding physics teaching at Anderson Junior College

Dr Loke Han Ying (Republic Polytechnic)

For outstanding physics lectures to engineering polytechnic students through enthusiastic "magic" performances.

5) The Cadi Scientific Medal and Prize: The Public Awareness of Physics Award

Assoc. Prof. Rajdeep Singh Rawat (NIE)

For many years of outstanding leadership, inspiration and guidance to many Singapore International Physics Olympiad (IPHO) teams. Many of the teams have brought top physics honours and medals to Singapore.

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