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2014 Award Winners

The IPS Prize and Medal Awards are generously sponsored by: World Scientific Pte. Ltd., Research Instruments Singapore, Crescendas Group and Cadi Scientific Pte. Ltd.

2014 IPS Medallists

1) The IPS President's Medal

Professor Oh Choo Hiap (CQT, NUS)

He is a highly sought-after Professor in the National University of Singapore for his outstanding Particle and Quantum Physics Research and contributions to Physics Education. He is an Expert in Yang-Mills Theories. Prof Oh has also served as the Head of the Physics Department in NUS for six years and is one of the founders of the Centre for Quantum Technologies.

2) The World Scientific (Physics Research) Medal and Prize

Associate Professor Sum Tze Chien (NTU)

Prof Sum is an outstanding researcher, a talented Lecturer and a skilled Spectroscopist. He is well-verse in Nanophotonics and Lasing and Photovoltaics. He has published several important papers in Science, Nature Communication, Nature Materials, NanoLetters and ACSNano.

3) The Nanotechnology Medal and Prize (Nanotechnology Physics Research)

Asst. Prof. Cesare Soci (NTU)

Prof Soci is the Deputy Director for the Centre for Disruptive Photonic Technologies. His current research includes Topological insulator metamaterials, Fiber Nano-spacers and cognitive reconfigurable photonic networks. He is an up and coming leading mover and shaker of Nanotechnology research in Singapore and his work on Cognitive Nanophotonics puts Singapore on the global map of nanotechnology.

4) The Crescendas Physics Medal and Prize (Secondary School / Junior College)

Dr Muhammad Nazir (Greenview Secondary School)

Dr Nazir is an outstanding and talented teacher for the weaker Normal Technical secondary school students. He uses toys innovatively to teach physics to these students. For his creative pedagogy, he has also received the Singapore President's Award for Outstanding Teachers last year.

Mrs Sheryl Oon-Teo Geok Hon (NUS High School of Maths and Science)

She is a very dedicated and committed teacher who believes that every child is a gem waiting to be polished and discovered. A lady with a big heart and patience, she understands each child's learning style, needs and perceptions about learning and brings out the best in them.

5) The Crescendas Physics Medal and Prize (Polytechnic)

Dr Norman Lee Tiong Seng (Singapore Polytechnic)

Dr Lee is an outstanding educator, academic mentor and expert Physics Lecturer. He has developed the Predict, Observe and Explain - or - POE pedagogy for Foundation Physics Programme at Singapore Polytechnic.

Dr Venkata Ramanan (Temasek Polytechnic)

Dr Ramanan is an outstanding and very well-respected Senior Lecturer at Temasek Polytechnic. He is an Elected Fellow of IETE (India) and has taught Applied Physics, namely, Fundamentals of Aeronautical Science, for many years.

6) The Cadi Scientific Medal and Prize: The Public Awareness of Physics Award

Prof B V R Chowdari (NUS)

He is the Executive Director of the NUS-India Research Initiative and was the chair of the organizing committee for the 15th Asian Physics Olympiad held in Singapore last year. Prof Chowdari has made other outstanding effort in promoting Physics in Singapore and Asia, for example, in organizing the Physics Enrichment Camp for high school students during the summer vacations.

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